Effective Jan. 1, 2018:

General shop rate for labor (special projects): $75.00 per hour

Orders over $1000.00 require a 50% deposit.  Balance due within 30 days of completion.

We reserve the right to reject any parts submitted that are unsuitable for reworking.

Service Calls for consultation, repairs, and training can be arranged.



 ~ Tool cones  #D2-r-1832:   Reground,  $450.00 each; $400.00 each for 4 or more.

~ Thrust Bearing Races  #D2-r-547: Reground, $125.00 set up fee, plus $125.00 ea. pc., minimum
of 6 pieces.

~ Drive Couplings  #D6-9-56:  Refurbished with new heat treated sleeves,   Set up fee $125.00 plus $395.00 ea. any quantity.

~ Drive Couplings  #D6-7-57:  Refurbished with hard chrome and reground, $450.00 each, minimum of 2 pieces.

~ Collet Gears  #D6-8-965/1, #D4-x-2563, #D4-t-2033:     Reground,  $125.00 ea.; 6 or more, $100.00 each

~ Feed and Hold Collet Closing Levers  #D6-9-242, #D6-9-243:  Reworked, $175.00 ea.; 6 or more, $150.00 each

~ D6 Roller Stops on Feed and Return Arm Assembly  #D6-3-203:  Reground, $35.00 ea.; 6 or more, $30.00 each

~ Clutch Face Plate Gear  #D6-2-1141: Reground, $125.00 each.

~ Drill Spindle End Caps  #D6-8-950a: Reworked, $175.00 each. #D4-t-2238: Reworked $150.00 each.

~ Collet Closing and Opening Lever Pins  #D6-3-280:  Reground, $20.00. each.

~ D2/D4 Stock Clamping Jaws  #ARD-d-16 and #ARD-d-2:  Reground set, $100.

~ Index Clutches #D4-u-1918  #D4-u-2360, and #D6-8-1015: $125.00 set up fee, plus $175.00 each piece, reground, any quantity.

~ D2/D4 Cam Followers: Reground  #D2-a-A42, AAD-A2: minimum of 6, $28.00 each; 7 or more, $25. each.

~ Straightener Lever  #ARD-b-7: ends replaced with heat-treated steel, with new paint, $295.  Bore and rebush holes for $195.  

Have another part you wish could be refurbished?  Let's talk.



~ T-handles for tool adjustments  #S101-2.5, #S101-3.0:  $29.00 each.

~ T-handles for D4 Fibergear Shaft Nuts  #S100:  $49.00 each

~ Thumb Wrench used for easier removal of D6 tool holders without having to crank the tool-head out.  #S105-3.0:  $29.00 ea.



~ D6 Straightener Return Cams, heat-treated cast iron:

    .8° /1mm.  - $145.00 ea.
  1.0° /1mm.  - $145.00 ea.
  1.5° /1mm.  - $145.00 ea.

~ D2/D4 Return Cams #AAD-34: heat-treated cast iron, 65° x 50mm: $125.00 ea.

~ Adjustable Collet Cams #D2-p-MP156, #D2-p-MP157, #D2-p-MP158: $625. each; spare segments, heat treated: $50.00 each. 

~ D6 Eccentric Cams #D6-S108, used in place of a tool cam when that position is not used for the job: $65.00 each    NEW!!

~ D2/D4 Start/Stop Lever  #D2-a-Mp57-Lever: $150.00 ea.

~ One-Cycle Cable  #D2-a-A19: $145.00 each. 

~ Oil Buttons      

   D1A-6-M   $2.50 ea.
   D1-6-2-M  $2.75 ea.

~ Stock Scrubber Felts  #ARD-a-95: $12.50 each. 

~ Terminal Blocks #SMTB2105: $45.00 each.

~ Crank Handle Key  #D4-c-2434: $55.00 each. 

~ Collet Cam-Lever Axle Pin   #D2-f-304: $47.00 each. 

~ Trip Dog Followers   #D4-u-2240, #D4-u-2241: $35. each. 

~ D2/D4 Long Clamping Jaw #ARD-d-2: $150. each 





~ Tool Scopes, D2/D4, D6, refurbishing with battery conversion and LED lights (no more cords): $185 (unpainted).

~ D2 Oil Diverters, D2-S107, replaces part #D2-f-2611 to eliminate overshooting of oil onto floor at machine startup: $149. each. NEW!!



Contact me to discuss rebuilding projects.



Prices do not include shipping, which is normally via UPS.






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