On 4/12/17, C.K. from Illinois wrote, "We received the refurbished D6 scopes in yesterday and they are perfect.  It is hard to imagine the way we were using the scopes with the mini mag lights for so many years.  Your concept is perfect."


On 5/12/17, Scott Smallidge of Link Metal Corp. in NH wrote:

Both of our Esco tool scopes, D2/4 & D6, are SO much nicer to use since Scanalex rebuilt them.  Removed the nasty, brittle, multi-spliced wired and replaced them with battery packs.  The LED lights are SO much brighter, too!  It's almost fun to need to sharpen the tools now!  Almost!  LOL!


Scott Smallidge of Link Metal Corp. in NH had this to say about his new rebuilt D2:

What a beautiful job Scanalex has done on rebuilding our new (to us) D2! It's not JUST the stripping and painting of the entire machine inside and out. That looks AMAZING! Don't get me wrong. But it's the attention to detail on a lot of the little things that add up. The safety shut off if stock breaks. Instead of running into the straightener and jamming up and breaking tools, it shuts off before entering the straightener. It stops at "0" so as not to do any other damage. There's a timer that shuts off at "0" as well. So you can run overnight for a few hours if chips are a problem. Better oil lines. The list goes on and on. Anything that's fixable over the stock design is upgraded, improved upon and adds longevity to the machine. It's a modern restore! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!


May 22, 2017

Working with Scott of Scanalex Machine has been a great experience.  We sent him one of our most worn out Escomatic D6's last year for a complete rebuild.  During the rebuild process, Scott worked closely with us to ensure that the finished product was tailored to our company's specific production requirements.  He also worked tirelessly to keep our costs under control by reworking and making many components whenever possible, rather than sourcing them from Switzerland.  The finished product really stands out among our other Escos, with its shining paint job and well-made guards.  The accuracy and performance of the machine have been excellent.  It has run job after complex job with very little downtime.  This Esco truly is again just as good as when it was new, decades ago.  Since delivery, Scott has continued to work with us, always happy to answer questions and offer advice garnered from his many years of practical experience.  Without hesitation, I recommend Scanalex Machine's products and services to other shops.

Ryan Grant, Elpakco Inc.





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